The Verge: Ikea is Getting into the Home Automation Business

The brand is gearing up for a larger roll out of its Tradfri smart light line.

Smart home shoppers can now head to Ikea to decorate their place. According to The Verge, the brand is finally getting into the home automation game with its own system of smart lighting products.

Ikea’s line of smart lights is called Tradfri, which means “wireless” in Swedish. The products are built around the ZigBee Light Link standard for connected lights, which is the same system as Philips Hue. The lights commect to the internet through an Ethernet connection which then creates a local Tradfri network to power local bulbs. They also can be connected to a motion-controlled dimmer switch that’s sold separately.

Right now, two bulbs are priced at $85.40. Ikea’s smart lights were rolled out in some European markets last fall. The product line is set for a larger release at the end of the month.

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