These Decorating Tips Will Make Your New House a Home

Simple things like a fresh coat of paint, artwork and plants have the ability to warm up a space and give it a more personal touch.

Finally moving into your new house after going through the home buying process can feel like a sigh of relief. With paperwork and closings officially behind you, you have the chance to experience the joy associated with your new space. But that doesn’t mean that the hard work is over just yet. There are a few steps that new homeowners have to take to make their house into a home.

ESTATENVY talked to Abby Randall, one of the architects and interior designers behind Chicago’s Randall Architects, to determine the best tips for warming up a new space and making it represent your personality. While most people start their decorating efforts in a common area like the kitchen or family room, she recommends kicking off the process somewhere else.

“When it comes to decorating a new space, I would focus on the bedroom suite first. People sometimes get caught up in what their guests will think of the living room and dining room, but focusing on what you will see when you wake up every day is the most important thing. Everyone needs a place to find peace at the end of the day,” Randall said.

Once the bedrooms have been designed, Randall says that it’s important to add in elements that can make a place pop. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls, for example, can make your home feel lived in as opposed to how it felt during showings. Adding accents like pillows, artwork, flowers and plants also helps speed up the decorating process—even adding in the smallest of personalized elements into your new home has the potential to make your new space feel more like your own.

“The best way to warm up a new home through interior design is to use the space to its fullest, and show off your personality. Things like artwork, personal collections and kids’ drawings are essential to incorporate into your home—you need to take into account the things that are the most important to you,” Randall said. “When we’re working with our clients, we try to be observant about their lives and what makes them happy. That’s why we love checking back in with them after they’ve lived in their new space for a year or two. It’s great to see the transition of a house becoming a home.”

Especially moving into the summer months, the importance of colors, plants and unique accent pieces can’t be overstated. By bringing some of the outdoors inside through lighting, bright colors and seasonal plants, a new home will be warmed up in no time.

But at the end of the day, making your new house a home comes down to adding in personal design elements that stand out the most to you. Randall says that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and test the limits of your taste when decorating a new space.

“A space that feels lived in and personalized always feels more comfortable than sitting in a furniture showroom,” Randall said. “Don’t be afraid to put out pieces you find interesting.”