April Showers Bring May Flowers—and the App Store

The technology craze is here to stay, and now landscapers and gardeners can take full advantage of it with access to mobile applications.

As the weather warms up around the country and homeowners prepare their property for summer activities and outdoor entertaining, spring gardening and landscaping projects are ramping up. Whether you’re a homeowner taking a chance on do it yourself projects or a business owner that specializes in landscaping and gardening, there are some applications out there that can give your projects a helping hand. Experts like Robco Fence and deck owner Jay Robinson from Raleigh, North Carolina say that the ability to use software and applications that help the customer visualize the end product paints a picture for people and ultimately makes the experience for them.

That’s why ESTATENVY rounded up the best gardening and landscaping apps to use:

Garden and Landscape Designs:

The app, rated one of the best in the category, features patio and lawn furniture, hardscaping, and garden options for the user to drag and drop into a scene in order to better visualize your ideas. Users can also share landscape photos with other members of the app.

Landscaper's Companion:

This app contains information on over 26,000 plants and has 21,000 pictures in its library, making it a great resource for professional landscapers and casual gardeners. It has extensive search capabilities, allowing users to look up plants by their common or scientific name, sun exposure, USDA zone, water requirements, color, bloom time, deer resistance, height and width. There is also a Pro upgrade that allows professional gardeners and landscapers the ability to keep track of multiple plant lists with projects as well as notes on those individual projects.

Plant Diary:

Plant Diary is a user-friendly app that’s great for novice gardeners. The app schedules alarms and reminders for tasks like watering. Other functions include tracking the growth and expenses of your plants. The app is not meant for those that need a lot of gardening advice. Instead, its purpose is only to track progress and assist daily plant care.

Garden Answers Plant Identification:

If you have questions about what is ailing your plants, this is the app for you. The search feature allows users to search keywords regarding diseases or insect infestation. It contains answers to over 200,000 commonly asked plant questions. You can also ask experts to identify a plant that you don’t recognize.

Home Outside:

The Home Outside app is all about planning your planting. It’s a free app that has a map tool that allows you to find your space and drop pins on the parts of the location you are hoping to break ground on. It also lets you import a satellite image into the tool. You can add in pre-designed items to spruce up your design and add notes to it as well.