Rooftops Add Much More than Property Value to your Home

In addition to helping with a resale, rooftops can be customized to fit your personal preferences.

Now that summer weather is here, it’s time to go outside as much as possible. Whether you prefer sitting outside in the early mornings listening to the birds chirping as your drink your coffee or prefer late nights sitting around a fire making marshmallows with your friends, summer presents the perfect season for great times. If you live in a city, having space outside is coveted and finding a spot with a lawn is uncommon. Thankfully, rooftops are a way people can create their own outdoor space to enjoy all aspects of the good weather and increase their property value.

Homes with rooftops have always been more valuable,” said Julie Fritzshall, Property Manager at Stark Chicago. “The economy is growing and more developers are building homes with accessible rooftops.”

For many people who are looking to rent, having a rooftop isn’t often a deciding factor. But for those who are looking to buy a new home, having a rooftop is a top priority. Having a rooftop usually means a higher resale opportunity. Stark mentioned she has seen a few people actually build their own accessible rooftop to use while they live there and then ensure a higher resale price.

“In places like Chicago, having a rooftop is valuable in locations that have a great view of the city or the lake,” noted Stark. “I’d imagine it would be similar in other cities with beautiful skylines like New York or San Francisco.”

A rooftop doesn’t just increase your property value, but it also provides a personalized and private oasis for your home. That’s something that can be hard to find in a big city.

These spaces become personalized to each individual, meaning they are great for people who like to entertain. They’re also good for the person who wants a quiet space to read a book or watch a ball game, or for the urban gardener,” said Adam Miller, Principal at Chicago Roof Deck & Garden.

Designing your rooftop might take a little work to get what you want, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Even in Chicago, where weather can be very unpredictable, people can still use their rooftop for almost nine months if fully prepared.

“If you prepare your space with covers, heaters, a fire pit and access to comfy blankets, you should be prepared to enjoy the days that are a bit chilly around Thanksgiving or St. Patrick’s Day,” noted Miller. “Also, having a grilling station that is close to the house or under some coverage is great for ‘year-round’ grillers.”

During those warm months, sprucing up your rooftop is a great way to have an urban garden. Creating a garden on a rooftop is a bit different than normal garden planting. It is important to find plants that have more durability.

“People often overlook perennial grasses but they actually offer year-round interest. Some stay upright and tan colored in the winter and then flush out during spring and bloom in summer,” mentioned Miller. “In windy conditions, like you usually find on rooftops, grasses are great when they move in the wind, adding a lot of interest without getting beat up.”

For those more on the partying side, having a rooftop is a great place to drink in the sun with your friends.

“Having a fridge or icemaker either on your rooftop or close to it is always important. Not having to go inside to grab another beer is really great,” said Miller.

No matter what you use your rooftop for, having one is proven to increase your property value and ensure an enjoyable time and atmosphere most months out of the year. When looking to restore your home before selling, look into building your own rooftop to increase your property value. Or if you’re looking to create your own oasis, a rooftop might be the trick.