Fargo is on Deck for BathWraps and its Development Plans

Recently established Minnesota success has BathWraps seeking its next partnership in nearby North Dakota

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A month into their partnership, BathWraps is already seeing success with Great Lakes Home Renovations (GLHR), one of the bathroom transformation brand’s newest dealers that exclusively serves the Minneapolis market in Minnesota. And now, to build on this early success, the BathWraps team is looking to find the right dealer to partner with in a neighboring community: Fargo, North Dakota.

Great Lakes Home Renovations owner Dan Brouillet and marketing manager Julie York are very pleased with how easily they’ve been able to integrate BathWraps’ products as an option for their customers. GLHR has been the standard for residents of the Minneapolis area when it comes to the bath and kitchen remodeling business, so their enthusiasm for the quality product BathWraps provides – as well as the support they provide GLHR on the corporate level – is a genuine endorsement.

“Bathroom remodeling manufacturers all offer similar products,” York said. “But what’s different about BathWraps is that it’s a real partnership. Their team helps us generate leads and new business, and the support they provide us is invaluable.”

Customizing baths and showers is about to get much easier for dealers like GLHR, as well, considering that BathWraps was just acquired by Jacuzzi Brands, LLC. Existing dealers, in addition to the dealer BathWraps will team up with in Fargo, will have exclusivity to Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtubs, creating an additional product for consumers to have access to solely with the market’s BathWraps distributor.

According to BathWraps’ vice president of sales Eric Bohner, the brand’s business model has seen a lot success by partnering with one dealer, exclusively, in a single market. From there, the BathWraps team provides them support by helping them find new business, training them to complete one-day bath remodels and protecting their territory.

“We strive to protect one company and distributor in their home market,” Bohner said. “We won’t sell to any other competitor or distributor, meaning our dealer becomes the exclusive carrier of BathWraps in their market. We provide all the support that we can through sales, installation, marketing and best practices. Our work with Dan and his team, just like all of our market-exclusive dealers, is a true partnership.”

Given the early success Brouillet and GLHR have seen in the northern region of the country, Bohner and BathWraps are committed to partnering with a dealer in the Fargo market. According to Bohner and his research team, the demographics align with the type of needs homeowners in Fargo are seeking – quick and affordable bathroom upgrades for their aging properties. York herself has seen the type of services BathWraps can assist with in markets like Minneapolis and Fargo with a large number of older homes.

“The acrylic style that BathWraps offers fits in older homes because there has to be a quick turnaround,” York said. “I, for example, live in a building that was built in 1911, so my one bathroom needed updating. I can’t afford to be without that bathroom for a week or two, so BathWraps makes sense for me, and many others my situation.”

But York says GLHR isn’t only seeing its business come from homeowners in aged residences. BathWraps also stands out to homeowners looking to remove big, bulky tubs and replace them with showers of any size.

“The trend right now is replacing big tubs that were installed in master bathrooms 15 years ago,” York said. “It was a popular thing to do then, but today, people just want a simple shower. It’s easier to clean and maintain, so we’re getting a lot of business remodeling those master baths, too.”

Dealers like GLHR have paved the way for BathWraps to look onward in markets like Fargo where Bohner assures there’s a potentially lucrative business opportunity available.

“Our existing dealers love this opportunity,” Bohner said. “The Fargo market, specifically, has all the potential to be very profitable for the dealer who opts to partner with us.”

To learn more about BathWraps and becoming a dealer, visit http://dealer.bathwraps.com/.