Jacuzzi’s Newest Brand, BathWraps, Seeks Exclusive Dealer in Seattle

Bathroom remodeling business eyes Washington for development, with its first stop being Seattle

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Fueled by the recent purchase by Jacuzzi, Inc., BathWraps, the leading supplier of one-day bathroom transformation services, is now set to grow in Washington, with the first stop in its strategic plan being Seattle. Previously doing business as Liners Direct, BathWraps offers dealers two decades of professional experience, innovative products and, of course, the new deal with Jacuzzi which gives them an exclusive opportunity to distribute Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtubs.

BathWraps is confident Seattle will be a major market for the brand, especially after seeing massive success with dealers in surrounding markets. Take Dreamstyle Remodeling, for example, which was founded 27 years ago and began partnering with BathWraps about two and a half years ago. Larry Chavez, Sr., founder, president and CEO of Dreamstyle Remodeling, established the leading remodeling company in the Southwestern U.S. with a focus on sunrooms. Now, Chavez sees BathWraps as a major part of his business’ future.

“The market for home remodeling is about $325 billion – it’s very fragmented, but kitchen and bath are the biggest segment. That’s why there’s a big demand for the BathWraps product,” Chavez said. “When we first became a BathWraps dealer, BathWraps was our expansion product – the one we thought we could rely on most to expand our current network and break into new markets. We had a good first impression with them, we liked their product and we had a feeling they could help us with marketing. All of that has proven to be true, and we now see them as a big part of our future.”

Now, BathWraps is seeking a similar partner in the greater Seattle area. The brand has found success with businesses like Dreamstyle Remodeling that want to expand into the kitchen and bath sector, whether they’re looking to reduce the seasonality of their business or just looking to grow. BathWraps dealers don’t need experience with plumbing or bathrooms, as they are always provided with the training and support needed to ramp up quickly.

“We don’t charge our dealers any franchise fees or additional costs, yet we offer similar benefits as a franchise, from training and lead generation to a strong network of top dealers across the country,” said Eric Bohner, vice president of sales at BathWraps. “We’re looking for one successful business in Seattle that we can train to exclusively supply Washington residents with BathWraps’ one-day transformation services and Jacuzzi’s walk-in tubs. That dealer will receive up to 65 percent gross profit of each sale, and because of the speed of BathWraps’ installation, they will be able to receive payment in less than a month.”

BathWraps was first started two decades ago because people were asking for a simple solution to replacing their outdated or damaged bathroom wetspace. The brand quickly realized that one-day transformation services were in high demand, even during the housing market crash when many other businesses suffered. BathWraps has only continued to grow since then, and now, with its new relationship with Jacuzzi, expects to take growth to the next level.

“BathWraps is a great partner and an excellent company,” Chavez said. “They execute their services very well, which is important when you’re doing hundreds of jobs every month. We’re very happy with the partnership, and we were thrilled to hear they’ve been acquired by Jacuzzi. BathWraps will be a big part of our expansion efforts going forward, and we’re excited to continue growing with them.”

To learn more about BathWraps and the opportunity to become a dealer, visit http://dealer.bathwraps.com/.