Windows: When is it time for a checkup?

Windows don't just provide you with an amazing view. They also have to hold up against the elements and insulate your home.

As the weather begins to decline, homeowners find themselves spending an increasing amount of time inside the house. This presents a great opportunity to give your home a little bit of TLC that may have been overlooked during the summer months.

One important feature to check on is the condition of your windows. Not only do they provide you with an amazing view—they also have to hold up against the elements and insulate your home during colder months.

ESTATENVY spoke with Russell from Window Repair Inc. to get the inside scoop on ensuring your windows will do their job.

An important thing to note is that the glass itself is not the only component that requires the regular attention of homeowners. Maintaining your window frames is just as important for protecting your home.

“Wood window frames have a tendency to rot over time,” Russell said. He explained that failure to act on this issue can become a large expense because “the average house has around $15,000 dollars-worth of window installations.”

Being proactive and attentive is essential for responsible window maintenance. Much like taking care of a car, it is not recommended to wait for the damage to become too severe to ignore. Homeowners should establish a routine checkup to look for issues as they may occur.

“Once a year, you should do a visual inspection,” said Russell. “Look for peeling or staining issues around the wooden frames. If you can slide a piece of paper between the glass and the frame, that’s a problem. Every time it rains, water is able to get in and this causes the frame to rot.”

Russell said that following this annual check can save homeowners thousands of dollars. If you have questions about the state of your windows or notice that one or more fails the test, you may wish to call in a professional to determine the best plan of action.

He explained that proper maintenance can actually increase the lifespan of your window. Regularly checking in on the state of your windows allows homeowners to get more value from their installations.

As you begin to take on different renovation projects, remember not to neglect your windows. They are your portal to the outside world, your protection from harsh elements and they should not be forgotten!