These DIY Upgrades Will Make Your Home More Luxurious

ESTATENVY spoke with the interior designer behind Rae Duncan Interior Design to learn what homeowners can do themselves to take their home’s atmosphere to the next level.

Creating and designing a luxury home doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to hire an interior designer. While there are definitely jobs that are better left to the experts, there are some DIY tasks that can be done around the home to elevate its atmosphere and overall look and feel. ESTATENVY spoke with the interior designer behind Rae Duncan Interior Design to see which tasks can be done by homeowners themselves.

Below are DIY projects that all homeowners can take on—regardless of their interior design experience—to make their home more luxurious.

Updating Cabinets: Painting and staining cabinets, in addition to changing cabinet doors and doorknobs, are easy ways to enhance a room.

Changing Doors: Much like cabinets, changing doors, handles and other hardware both in and outside the home has the potential to make a home look more luxurious.

Adding Paneling and Molding: These small details make a big difference when properly installed and painted.

Painting Walls or Hanging Wallpaper: Adding a new color to a space can change the entire atmosphere of a home. The same goes for adding wallpaper—by incorporating a new design, you’re able to give your home a simple facelift.

Hanging Photos or Art: The artwork and photographs displayed around a home adds a personal touch that complements luxury design.

Adding, Changing or Layering Accessories: Smaller accents around the home are easily swapped out with the seasons, enabling a home’s décor to change without a major renovation.

Updating Furniture: From reupholstering your furniture to changing out what’s in your home, updating the furniture in a space can elevate its look.

Changing and Updating Appliances: As with furniture, upgrading your appliances to be more modern and efficient makes a big difference.

Updating Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important design elements, which is why it shouldn’t be overlooked. Adding new light fixtures or moving around existing ones is an easy, DIY way to create a luxurious environment.

Cleaning, Decluttering and Organizing: One of the easiest ways to make your home more luxurious is to ensure it’s clean and organized. By getting rid of clutter and eliminating messes, your home will instantly become more welcoming and inviting.