Holiday Gift Guide: What to Bring the Host of a Holiday Party

ESTATENVY connects with Steen Knigge, Director of U.S. Marketing at BoConcept, for insight on ways to not come empty-handed to a holiday party.

When the leaves start transitioning to brown, it seems almost instantaneous that calendars begin to fill between the months of October and January. The holidays can be the most joyous time of the year, which means a lot of celebrations that come along with them. It’s an age-old piece of advice not to come empty handed to a party, but sometimes, it’s hard to come up with ideas that won’t be thrown in the trash immediately after being gifted.

To help everyone out this holiday season, ESTATENVY connected with Steen Knigge, Director of U.S. Marketing at a global leader in the design of bold, stylish furniture and accessories, BoConcept. Knigge gave advice on different gifts that can be brought along to a holiday party that the host or hostess will actually appreciate.

Knigge began by emphasizing candles, and how they are the perfect gift that can be utilized in almost any space without looking awkward or mismatched. Around the holidays, candles also bring that sense of warmth and add brightness when it is typically darker throughout the day. And, as the temperature drops and windows stay closed, candles can always leave homes smelling good when fresh air isn’t constantly circulating.

“A few perfectly placed candles can make any room feel warm and cozy,” said Knigge. “They can help to create a healthier, more comfortable indoor climate.”

For holiday parties, Knigge also explained that various holiday decorations can be the perfect host and hostess gift. Of course, this is to be determined based on the type of party that is being hosted. For a Hanukkah party, it wouldn't be appropriate to bring a Christmas tree, so use your judgment accordingly. When appropriate, little holiday accessories make the perfect seasonal gift.

“Holiday decorations can be beautiful,” said Knigge. “Little decorative trees add a bit of holiday cheer to any space and can be paired with a tray or mirror to create a truly stunning display.”

Knigge also mentions how both bowls and trays can be the perfect gift to bring along to a party. It seems that when hosting a party, one cannot have enough pieces of dinnerware or plate ware to put both food and decorations in. A good neutral bowl can almost always be used in the future.

“Bronze bowls softly reflect the light in mesmerizing ways,” said Knigge. “They can add an element of depth and sophistication to any holiday celebration.”

As the year comes to a close and holiday parties begin taking over every weekend, it’s important to keep these different ideas in mind to make sure that every host and hostess gift is both unique and purposeful. When thinking of what to bring along to a party, make sure that it is something that the host or hostess can always use, does not contradict with existing decor and is something that will not immediately go out of style. Whether it’s a candle, a small holiday decoration or a serving bowl, each gift will always remind the host or hostess of the gift giver, so make sure it is a good one.