Holiday Hacks for Homeowners Who Aren't into Decorating

Two experts give out their go-to’s for cheap and easy holiday spirit

It may barely be autumn, but already the nation’s department stores have begun to go full-holiday décor. So, how do you get your home in the holiday spirit with a low budget and lower threshold for lengthy Do-It-Yourself projects, strings of tangled lights and sap-covered trees? ESTATENVY spoke with two decorating experts for their top tips and holiday hacks.

Tom Campana is the owner of The Holiday Store, a full-service online and in-store holiday shop based in Florida. Though The Holiday Store mainly focuses on intense holiday displays, Campana says there are plenty of products available to those looking for a little holiday cheer on a budget.

“Most holiday stores should have a good assortment of cheaper Styrofoam or similar exterior decorations,” said Campana. “Look for something that comes in a complete set and you won’t have to stress about picking decorations that go well together.”

Campana also says that while technology may seem complicated, there are some great DVD projection systems out there that display high quality holiday colors and images on a home’s exterior without any in-depth knowledge or know-how.

“These things are mostly plug-and-play these days,” said Campana. “So it doesn’t get much easier than that, yet it will make your home look professionally decorated.”

When it comes to making the inside of your home more festive, Kim Gorsline, owner of Kimberlee Marie Interior Design, has a few tips up her sleeve that can make a real difference with minimal cost and effort.

“My number one secret may seem obvious, but it’s to hit the value section at the front of Target,” said Gorsline. “They always have lots of seasonal things that are cheap and look good.”

Gorsline also notes that vases can be your friend for any holiday.

“Doing a vase of seasonal flowers is super easy, with large cylinder vases the best option,” said Gorsline. “For winter holidays, go outside and collect some pinecones and maybe throw a scented candle on top.”

At Christmas time, she also points out the value of cheap ornaments and wrapping paper: ornaments can go in the same cylinder vase to create a festive centerpiece, and wrapping paper can take your everyday artwork and give it a holiday boost.

“One really cool thing is to take your artwork off the wall and wrap the frames in holiday wrapping paper,” said Gorsline. “But no matter what you do, stick with a color theme to tie your whole design together. This year, I recommend finding a theme beyond just the tired red and green. Mix it up and play with non-traditional colors.”