10 Ways to Be Energy Efficient During the Holiday Season

ESTATENVY rounded up the top ways to reduce energy consumption and save on your electric bill this time of year.

All of those Holiday decorations might look pretty this time of year, but they also use up a lot of energy and can run up our electric bills for the month. Luckily, there are many ways to cut back on that energy usage while also saving some money on the electric bill this time of year.

ESTATENVY rounded up 10 ways to be energy efficient during the holiday season.

1. Use LED Christmas lights

When you switch to LED lights, you are using around 90 percent less electricity compared to regular lights.

2. Don’t keep the holiday lights on 24/7

There is no need to keep those holiday lights on at all hours of the day. Turn them on once it’s dark out and turn them off before you go to bed if you can. This will go a long way in saving energy and money.

3. Use seasonal candles as a good substitute for decorations that use light

Everyone loves a good scented candle during the holidays. Using candles will not only help your home smell nice, but using them as a substitute for decorations that use electricity will save you lots of energy. It’s a win-win.

4. If your Christmas tree lights are on, use that as the main light source

This will not only set the mood for the holidays, but it will also save you money and energy. It’s another win-win.

5. Consider using fiber optic decorations

We know this one might be tough, because everyone loves a good authentic Christmas tree in their home if they’re celebrating. But if you really want to save energy (and money), using a fiber optic tree is the way to go. They typically use one individual light bulb to light the entire tree.

6. Understand the principle of “less is more”

We all enjoy looking at that one house that went all out on decorations for the holidays, but we don’t all need to be that person. A little goes a long way when it comes to holiday decorations. There is elegance in simplicity, so sticking with your classic tree and seasonal decor should do it.

7. Turn down the thermostat when you have guests over

It will be hot anyway with all of those people in your house. Turning down the thermostat will save money, energy and help keep guests comfortable while celebrating the holidays in your home.

8. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, now would be a good time to use it

Again, this will help to set the holiday mood and keep everyone cozy in the house around the holidays. The fireplace and the Christmas tree will be more than enough light to brighten up the living space in your home.

9. Be efficient when using kitchen appliances

You’re probably going to be cooking a lot around the holidays. If you’re using the oven, try to fit as much as possible in at once. You’ll save a lot of energy by cooking multiple dishes at the same time.

10. Consider decorations other than lights

There are plenty of festive decorations that don’t require light. Certain reflective decorations can give the same sense of brightness around the holidays. These decorations don’t require any more energy than what it takes to buy them.