Experts Give Out Their Budget-Friendly Tips to Make Your Home HGTV Worthy

Interior design experts explain how to freshen up your home without breaking the bank.

Winter is upon us, which likely means you’re poised to catch-up on all of the HGTV favorites you’ve missed for home decorating inspiration. So, how do you get that Fixer Upper look without breaking the bank? ESTATENVY spoke with two interior-design experts for their top budget-friendly tips to get your house camera-ready.

Leslie Newman Rhodes is the founder of Space Interior Design, an interior design consultation service based in Chicago. Rhodes says to not underestimate what you already have when it comes to giving your home the updated vibe you’re looking for.

“Sometimes just shuffling things around and freshening things up is all you need.”

Leah Hennen at HGTV also provides some thought starters to make something old, new.

“Reinvent a drab dresser in a guest bedroom as a dramatic dining-room sideboard with a few coats of glossy black paint and sparkling new hardware. Make over that old couch with a slipcover in a fabulous fabric. Turn plain pillows into eye-catching accents by stenciling simple designs on them.”

Don’t go at it alone. Sometimes all it takes to get a new look is a fresh pair of eyes. Others can help you spot things that you may not have seen or thought of. Rhodes recommends making interior decorating a team sport.

“Fresh eyes are the best, so get help when you need it and be open-minded.”

For those of you with a little bit of money to spend, Rhodes and Julia Buckingham, principal of Buckingham Interiors + Design, both recommend investing in timeless, quality pieces that you can build a collection with over time.

“I always tell people to buy well. Don’t buy the cheap, inexpensive furniture. Go slowly and create a collection,” said Buckingham. “I can’t tell you how many clients we’ve had that spend an inordinate amount on furniture that doesn’t last and falls apart, and it isn’t timeless or classic looking. Investing in a piece of furniture is so much more worth it than having to consistently replace pieces every couple of years.”

Buckingham also encourages people not to overlook the long-term value of hiring a professional interior designer. While it may seem out of reach, start-ups, like the ones featured below on MyDomaine, have made acquiring these services both affordable and approachable.

  • Havenly: The platform offers two tiers: a $79-per-room package (which includes custom concept boards, product suggestions and a purchasing service) and a $199-per-room package, which additionally includes a final room layout and furniture placement suggestions.
  • Decorist: The service offers a tier of three flat-fee online interior design packages, each of which includes two initial concept boards with revisions, a final room design, a custom floor plan, setup instructions, a personalized shopping list, direct communication with your designer and a complimentary décor purchasing service.

There are options within all budgets and it will help you “do it right once rather than decorating your space multiple times, which wastes your time and money,” said Buckingham.