How to Heat Up the Interior for the Holidays: Incorporating Your Favorite Fashion Trends into Your Decor

ESTATENVY sits down with Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Interiors + Design to learn how readers can use interior design to warm up their homes for the winter.

The gloves are out, the hats are on and the boots are tied. People everywhere, at least in the colder parts of the world, are bundled up for winter, trying to avoid the inevitable chill outside. But, bundling goes beyond the outdoors. To hear more about how homeowners can heat up the interior of their homes during the winter season, ESTATENVY connected with Julia Buckingham of Buckingham Interiors + Designs and author of Modernique.

“There is a big influx of fashion into interior design,” said Buckingham, whose career began at Neiman Marcus before she moved on to work in interior design. “Plaid, chunky cable knit, these are things that can go beyond clothing and be incorporated into interior design.”

As far as materials, Buckingham suggests using the same cozy materials that you use to warm your body, in your interior. Things like plaid throw pillows or a cable knit throw. These materials will bring the same sense of warmth into your home, that they do to your body. Velvet is also trending right now as an option for those that are looking for a look that brings more of an antique look.

“Distressed velvet is incredibly strong right now. It is a modern accent, but an old-world look,” said Buckingham, who coined the term “modernique” to describe her go-to interior style: a blended mix of modern and antique.

Buckingham moved on to colors as an easy go-to for homeowners looking to warm up their interiors.

“A lot of mustard yellows, mossy green, burgundy and navy blue are seen when warming things up in the interior,” said Buckingham.

These colors can be thrown into the home on a wall with a fresh coat of paint, a cozy blanket or a throw pillow, replacing the whites, light pinks and other more vibrant colors that are often added in the summer.

It’s no surprise that scents evoke a feeling of warmth, considering most memories can be brought to mind with a familiar scent. Candle, incense and potpourri are an excellent, yet simple way to feel the home a bit cozier.

“Nothing evokes a season like a smell,” said Buckingham. “Holiday birch pine, peppermint – a winter vibe can be brought into a home with a simple scent. Especially for homeowners that are not able to cozy up next to a crackling fire.”

While warming up the interior is something that homeowners are dying to do as soon as the temperature drops, but, it can be overwhelming to change every room of the house per season. So, where can homeowners start?

“Start in small spaces, like a power room,” said Buckingham. “Powder rooms are a place where homeowners can have a real personality – they can be a little gem box in the home. And, they are one of the most used rooms in the home.”

This winter, as you put on your favorite cozy sweater and thick scarf, think about how those favorite items that you wear almost daily can be incorporated into your home. Similar to layering your clothing to stay warm, think of areas that you can layer color, scents and materials to make the inside of your home feel as cozy as your favorite winter outfit.