4 Unique Interior Design Trends to Add to Your Home This Year

Chicago interior design experts tell us which unique trends they are seeing right now in their work and how to incorporate them in our own homes.

Trends in interior design can quickly come and go, which is why it’s important to slowly incorporate new design trends into your home. But like your wardrobe, it can be fun and refreshing to update your home’s style with new looks to match the times. ESTATENVY interviewed three interior design experts in the Chicago area to learn more about the top trends they are seeing in their work.

1. Industrial

Industrial design celebrates bold and edgy style elements and is often added into modern homes. Inspired by older lofts or warehouses where there is a mix of raw and refined finishes within one space. While many would normally try to cover up those unfinished materials, industrial design aims to make them stand out.

“What I’m seeing a lot of is raw steel, metal or the new color called Oil Rubbed Bronze, which looks black. People are using that for faucets or towel racks as well as coffee tables, dining room tables and end tables,” says Kari Jordan, owner of Jordan Design.

Try adding brass statement pieces in your bathroom, vintage Edison light bulbs, steel tables or metallics in the form of smaller pieces before changing up the whole room.

2. Jewel Tones

Fall fashion can also have an effect on interior design. Bold hues of purple, blue and green can brighten up your home and your mood.

Jewel tones are a great way to add warmth to a space, yet not be restricted to your traditional warm colors,” says Kate Marengo, founder and designer at Interior Chicago.

3. Geometric Patterns

Simple and large patterns are in right now and are adding visual interest to rooms. Pick something that aligns with the colors in your room already and a design that you really love. Make sure to balance accenting features with dominant ones so the pattern doesn’t fully take over the room. Less can be more when using bold patterns like geometrics.

4. Greenery

As the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, this fresh and zesty green color is having an effect across the spectrum and emerald and lime greens are starting to see an increase in popularity because of it. This color celebrates the great outdoors and often lends itself to tropical vibes in interior design.

When you are ready to start incorporating the style that speaks to you to the most, keep in mind it’s safe to buy your expensive items like couches, rugs and dining room tables in a classic look that won’t go out of style next year. “Pick one room in your house that you use fairly frequently and start there. Once you live with the changes for a week or two and feel comfortable with it, then you can make the decision to do other spaces. Lots of clients get excited about a certain trend, but once it’s actually done in their entire house, it just isn’t for them,” says Marengo.

Save your trend updates for your accent pieces that you may not be as attached to when a new trend comes along. Chicago interior designer Jaclyn Lash advises, “Keep your base neutral and classic, add trends in accessories: throw pillows, blankets, table accessories. These are small items that can be easily replaced once the next trend comes around.”