The Best Brokers at Social Media: Brooke Daitchman

Brooke Daitchman uses social media to help sell her properties while also keeping in touch with current clients and their major life milestones.

Real estate agents and brokers that build up their social media presence have a leg up on their competition. Promoting their properties and showing that they have personal lives of their own helps create connections with current and prospective clients on social media. Brooke Daitchman, Residential Consultant at Dream Town Realty, knows this importance of social and has worked hard to master her own pages.

ESTATENVY spoke with Daitchman to learn more about her current social media strategy.

ESTATENVY: How do you engage with your customers most frequently?

Brooke Daitchman: I try to engage with my clients in many different ways. I use social media as an additional online outlet to email, e-blast, mailings and phone calls. I try and engage however I can to keep in touch with them and their lives.

ESTATENVY: Is there a certain visual aesthetic you aim to portray across all of your social channels?

Brooke Daitchman: I try to be engaging, inviting and approachable. I think some agents are either too personal or not at all. It’s hard to engage people if they can't really find something to connect with you about, whether it’s content about real estate or something fun to reflect who I am and the image I am trying to portray.

ESTATENVY: How do you choose which homes to feature on your social channels? Is there a particular type of home or landscaping that gets more engagement?

Brooke Daitchman: We try and present all of our properties. Obviously, there are always some that show better, photo better and/or are much more attractive. These will attract more buyers. There are a lot of variables, but we try and promote each property equally for our clients and show it in the best light possible.

ESTATENVY: What is the greatest challenge in reaching and engaging with your audience?

Brooke Daitchman: I think the greatest challenge is knowing if you are actually connecting with them. It’s hard to track this and understand what they actually see versus what you put out there.

ESTATENVY: How has social media helped you with business development?

Brooke Daitchman: It has helped keep what I am doing on a regular basis in front of my clients and potential clients. But it’s also helped me stay connected with my own clients and be able to see what is happening in their lives even though we may not talk regularly. I have watched many of my clients’ journeys with their family, marriages and kids. It’s exciting to be able to watch this process.

ESTATENVY: How do you find a balance between posts that are strictly business and those that are more humanizing/culture-based?

Brooke Daitchman: I think balance is the key. You lose people's attention with only content and articles. I try and balance it close to evenly or slightly heavier on the work-related posts.

ESTATENVY: Do you strategically plan out content for the month in advance or do you post more as you go?

Brooke Daitchman: We used to do it monthly, but have switched to daily. It becomes a lot easier to post as we know what is happening and also find content. It works for us better this way right now.

ESTATENVY: Do you have a branded hashtag?

Brooke Daitchman: #brookesellschicago