The Benefit of Finding a Good General Contractor

Jessica Maciejewski loved her experience with general contracting company, Skilled Contracting Inc.

When Jessica Maciejewski was looking to buy her first home, she needed help estimating the work on a home before putting in an offer. After researching and reaching out to contractors through Yelp, Maciejewski found the right one. The owner and president of Skilled Contracting came to the rescue with a quick answer and stay involved throughout the entire process.

Why did you love your general contractor?

Since this is my first home, I had little to no idea what I was doing. I truly lucked out with Russ. I was a little disorganized and needed a bid--fast--so that I could put in an offer on the house. Russ got back to me within an hour, and even though he's the president and owner of Skilled Contracting, he came over himself to take a look at it. He was involved and accessible throughout the process, explained options to me, and even though I am a relatively "little" project for him at $40,000, he put in the time, care and attention to detail.

What kind of work did he do?

Russ gutted and did a full flooring, cabinet and window rehab in my kitchen. It was easy to make choices and send them to him, ask about any issues and talk pricing. He also installed a second laundry room, A/C, new outer and interior doors and fixed the plumbing so our new home passed inspection and the water could be turned on again, He also installed a new sewer line, removed and vaulted load-bearing walls and poles and did recessed lighting and electrical work. He does everything though, from full-gut rehabs, shoring, and foundations. I didn't realize how lucky I was that he took on my streamlined rehab, but once I started looking more at his work and site I realized the scale of what he normally does.

What makes him different from the rest? What would you do differently if you had to go through the process of looking for a general contractor again?

I wouldn't do anything differently. I reached out on Yelp to contractors in my area, looked at their pictures and reviews, and waited to see who got back to me and how competent they seemed. A lot of companies had someone reach out who didn't really understand what I was looking for or was more of an assistant, but Russ reached out to me himself within an hour and was with me throughout the entire process along with his awesome crew. He's very much a friendly, family guy and he treats his business that way. He is more involved in all of his projects than most owners and presidents would probably be. I'm definitely taking him out for a drink to celebrate the end of the remodel!