5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Exterior Spring Cleaning

Quick Tricks on How You Can Spruce Up Even in Frigid Months

Spring is coming! While you can’t always get a Game of Thrones' style warning, there are steps you can take now to begin preparing your home for Spring. It might still be cold outside, but if you’re ready to give the exterior of your house a quick facelift while we are all still braving the winter months, bundle up and follow these quick steps.

ESTATENVY sat down with Carla Rodriguez, owner of Freshius Cleaning, and she shared easy tips and tricks on how you can prepare for spring before the season creeps up on you.

Touch Up Your Front Door

Your front door. It’s the first thing guests notice, it creates curb appeal, but also takes a major beating during the winter months. Touching up the paint on your front door is the quickest and easiest step to give your home a fresh look. Whether you simply fix some dings and cracks or you switch the color to a bold statement tone, this small adjustment can make a big difference. “Not all of us are smooth with the paintbrush,” said Rodriguez. “If you have trouble painting, leave it to the experts or buy a new door altogether.”

Give Your Front Porch and Windows a Quick Rinse

Through the rain, snow, wind and ice your front porch has been through a lot this winter. The kids have left behind footprints of dirt on the porch and fingerprints on the windows after making snowmen in the front yard. Grabbing the garden hose and giving your front porch and windows a quick rinse will enhance the overall look of your home.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Sometimes the most important cleaning steps involve what doesn’t meet the eye. Assessing the nooks and crannies of your gutters and roof is equally as vital as upgrading your curb appeal. Simply clearing out leaves and debris from your gutters can prevent unnecessary damage to your home. “The key is making sure there is nothing obstructing the flow of water,” said Rodriguez. “By removing the debris, it will make your gutter last longer and prevent any drainage issues around your house next season.”

Add a New Welcome Mat

Not only does a new welcome mat or wreath add a fresh splash of color, it’s also an opportunity for a homeowner to showcase his or her personality. Don’t be afraid to go bold with patterns or even add a matching wreath to your front door. “I would recommend any welcome mats with Pugs on them,” Rodriguez joked.

Arrange Large Planters

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, the temperatures are still a bit too low to get your flower bed started. Arranging large planters around your front porch and door is a simple way to breathe some life into your entryway. Give your kids some paint brushes, let them decorate the planters and make it into a fun DIY project. Rodriguez advises to keep a closer eye on the flowers than usual and give a little bit extra love to keep them going throughout February and March.

While it's easy to procrastinate and wait until spring, getting a jump start will make your home the first spot on the block ready for a barbeque. By following these quick and easy steps, your house will be looking refreshed in no time.