Outdoor Accessories That Add Character to Any Home

Real estate expert Kenneth Walter shares creative ideas that homeowners can take advantage of in order to give their outdoor living space a bit of personality.

Outdoor accessories can do wonders for boosting your home’s curb appeal. As the seasons change, homeowners can take advantage of the opportunity to deck out their residence with different design elements. Even the smallest of touches can go a long way in adding personality to a home’s overall aesthetic.

ESTATENVY spoke with design expert Kenneth Walter from Gray & Walter to get the scoop on how to give a home’s exterior an extra bit of flair.

Emphasize the Entryway

One trend that Walter recommended as a nice way to add visual interest to one’s home is by accentuating the front door. This can be done through the use of wreaths, which can be rotated out seasonally to keep things fresh and interesting.

“People often forget about their front door,” he said, noting that the spot can quickly become a focal point when, “framed with pots, stone decor or topiaries.”

For those who feel that their decorating options are limited by time constraints, Walter says that simply mixing up the mat outside the door goes a long way. Additionally, buying pre-planted pots allows for a beautiful statement piece to be placed outside the door without having to commit a serious amount of time to selecting flowers and planting them oneself.

Pea Gravel

While slate and stone are popular choices for completing one’s outdoor living space, homeowners shouldn’t limit themselves to these options. Walter noted that pea gravel can be especially striking when applied to the space. These small stones offer an element of tranquility that reflects the atmosphere of a Japanese garden. If done right, it can also be a time-efficient option.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes it is not the accessory itself that draws the eye, but rather the way that the homeowner decides to personalize it. Walter recalled that a neighbor had taken a stone goose and given the statue a unique twist by dressing it in clothes appropriate for the time or season. For example, in rainy periods, the statue was dressed in a raincoat.

“She must have had small trunk set aside near the front door where she could easily access the clothes,” he said. The originality of a concept like this not only draws the attention of those who pass by but is likely to be remembered for some time after.

Consider the Impact of Sound

Decorating options aren’t limited to strictly visual elements. To create a fully immersive experience, consider engaging another one of the senses–like sound.

“Windchimes or even water features can be a great solution any space, regardless of size. This adds a tranquil touch to smaller or bigger spaces,” said Walter. These elements are a great way to set one’s space apart from the pack.