Emmitt Smith Takes the Field with Newest Real Estate Venture

Former Dallas Cowboys announced his next big accomplishment in commercial real estate.

The National Football League’s (NFL) all-time leading rusher, Emmitt Smith, is playing for a new team – real estate. Smith was previously a Dallas Cowboys star, playing for three Super Bowl-winning teams. He currently holds the record for career rushing touchdowns, and the only running back to hold four significant titles all from one season – Super Bowl champion, NFL Most Valuable Player, NFL rushing crown and the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player. After the record-setting career, Smith took no time to rest and began exploring his next business venture. He landed in the real estate industry.

Smith took notice of former athletes that found success outside of the field and tapped into the business world, including household names like Magic Johnson, who developed Magic Johnson Enterprises in the 90’s with investments in lucrative businesses including T.G.I. Friday’s and Burger King. Recognizing the vast opportunity in real estate investments, Smith started to research and learn from mentors like Johnson with a similar athlete background looking to break into the real estate realm.

In 2013, Smith developed E. Smith Realty Partners, which was founded on a partnership between Smith, Sharon Marrison and Brand Laundry. After four years with the Dallas-based firm, Smith decided to split from the firm allowing for E. Smith Realty Partners, now operating as ESRP, to focus on user-focused service offerings, and separate itself from E. Smith Legacy Holdings, which will focus on real estate, development, construction and other endeavors. His construction-focused company has been involved with notable projects including Toyota in Plano, Dallas’ Parkland Hospital and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Now, with decades of real estate experience under his belt, Smith is ready to take the next leap in real estate. Smith formed a commercial property firm in partnership with New York-based Newmark group. His new company will work in commercial property brokerage, as well as still focus on development and construction services. Smith continues to prove his commitment to the real estate business and plans to bring on 50 to 100 new employees to operate the new business venture in multiple markets.

With his newest venture underway, there’s no telling what Smith will be able to do within the industry. But it’s a safe assumption that he will continue to push himself with his newest business venture as hard as he pushed himself on the field. Following the footsteps of his accomplished mentors, big things are coming from Smith.

Photo courtesy of Emmitt Smith's Facebook page