How to Deck Out Your Rooftop on a Budget


Outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners across the country. Long gone are the days where a rooftop is left unfurnished. Homeowners are looking for spaces that can be used across multiple seasons and extend the living space beyond the indoors. While rooftops are the perfect space to share with friends and enjoy the great outdoors, they can also become a huge investment for homeowners.ESTATENVY connected with Joanne Greene from On the Ledge Landscaping to get more details on budget-friendly ways homeowners can spruce up their rooftop space.

Find Inspiration from an Existing Piece

Rooftop spaces are supposed to be fun and light, an added space to enjoy some outdoor time in the comfort of your own home. Greene suggests that homeowners should find inspiration from an existing piece that can be the focal point of the space, and build from there. For example, if there is a colorful stool that a homeowner splurged on they can use this as the focal point outside and pull colors from this piece and match the color to inexpensive planters, rugs and flowers. Wholesale stores like Cost Plus World Market and Pier 1 Imports will often have inexpensive pieces in all sorts of colors that homeowners can use on their rooftop, without spending the hundreds of dollars on each piece. The consistency of color and design will bring the whole space together, even though some pieces are more expensive than others.

Utilize Seasonal Sales

The downfall of outdoor spaces is that they can only be used a few months of the year in certain regions of the country. The benefit to this seasonality is that it means sales on great products at the end of the season. When the air gets a chill and the leaves go from green to brown, visit different outdoor stores and see what types of deals they are offering on summer furniture and décor. Greene mentioned this is a great time to buy things like outdoor silverware and furniture, which will be severely discounted because of the time of year but still be on trend the following year.

Don’t Over Furnish

While outdoor furniture can definitely make a space, it can also break the space. If you are working with a smaller balcony or rooftop area, you should not fill every square inch of the space with furniture. Greene mentioned that too much furniture can actually deter a homeowner or a guest from utilizing the space, and also helps with the budget because they don’t end up over purchasing for the space.

Start Looking for Trends Before the Season

In markets across the country, there are different flower shows that forecast trends into the following summer. For homeowners that are looking to get a jumpstart on their rooftop space, they can attend these events and get a taste of what’s in store. This is also a time when flowers are discounted because they aren’t in season. Greene mentioned that by getting ahead of the peak season, the homeowner can map out their rooftop vision and start purchasing greenery and furniture before they hit peak season.