Top Real Estate Websites: Real Estate in Stilettos

Nikki Singh shares her tips for standing out in a saturated market.

Websites are often the first a person’s first interaction with your brand. In real estate, the importance of your website content and design can make or break a client deciding to work with you. Nikki Singh of Real Estate in Stilettos understands the importance of creating a well-balanced website that helps her stand out from the competition. ESTATENVY caught up with Singh and she shared her tips for creating a website that represents her brand and begins building a relationship with clients right from the start.

Who designed your website?

I designed it myself using SquareSpace. All of my websites are designed by me using their templates.

What is the main goal of your website?

To build an online relationship and trust factor with my branding style.

Why do you think your website stands out from the pack?

I believe that it stands out because it’s not your traditional real estate website in the sense that it caters to women. My strategy is to build relationships using an online trust factor and having a website that is designed to easily keep the attention of my visitors is important.

Why is it important to have a quality website in the real estate industry?

Your online presence, regardless of your industry, is important. But in a saturated industry such as real estate, being able to stand out and get the attention of potential clients is crucial to a successful career in real estate. If your visitor finds it difficult to navigate through your website or does not find the design eye-catching or appealing, they will just hit the back button and move on to the next realtor.

What is the most important feature of your website?

The ability to contact me on every page visited. Interaction is important. I have found that from some websites, not being able to easily contact the service provider can be frustrating. I also think that with my website, the fact that it is more on the feminine designed side can attract my niche clientele as opposed to a generically designed website.

What tips do you have for beginners creating a real estate website?

Be creative and ensure that your website represents you and your real estate brand.

How do you promote your website?

I use SEO and continuously post articles on my website and provide links to easily access it on every email I send out.

How did you decide on the balance between photography and content?

Though the photography element of a website is important, the basic design of a website will keep your visitors online longer. My content is not boring and generic but designed to attract the attention of the visitor to read other pages on my website.

What are the 3-5 key elements that must be included on a real estate website?

Key elements would include (1) easy navigation (2) eye-catching design (3) creative content and (4) and being able to personalize it to meet your branding requirements as a realtor.