Top Real Estate Websites: Debra Dobbs

Learn how this real estate pro uses SEO and photography to help her stand out from the competition.

Debra Dobbs is a big believer in letting your website tell a unique story. Her beautifully designed, easy to navigate website is a wonderful example of how a real estate website should look and function.

Other than the beautiful photography that sets the stage once you arrive, you’ll notice that her website is clear and concise so that users can easily get a glimpse of what her story is without having to dive too deep.

Dobbs says a third of her business is facilitated through her website. So her main focus is to drive business by making sure that the traffic that is being sent matches up with the people who are searching for her specific services.

Who designed your website?
My sister-in-law, Eva Pallotto designed my wonderful website. She’s with a very talented company called ChicksOnWire.
What is the main goal of your website?
Ultimately, to bring in business. But it also has to be engaging and have a sense of purpose. After that, it has to tell a story. I want my website to compel them to take a deeper look and then call me. Overall, I want my website to present myself in an authentic voice.
Why do you think your website stands out from the pack?
When you first get to the website, the photographs are the first thing to stand out. I think that the beautiful photography, by local photographer Josh Feeney, really sets us apart. Also, every time you go to the website the photo changes to it keeps it fresh. I also think my website stands out because it’s easy to navigate and clean with less copy than most sites.
Why is it important to have a quality website in the real estate industry?
Differentiation. In the real estate industry today you have to have a differentiating factor that sets you apart online. If you don’t have an online presence you’re sunk. You need a website, even if it’s not fancy make sure you have an easy to navigate website that’s optimized.
What is the most important feature of your website?
That it’s easy to read and that it’s optimized. It’s important to make sure that the keywords that people are searching for a match the keywords that lead them to my site. Otherwise, I could have the most beautiful website out there and nobody would land on it if I didn’t have such great optimization.
What is the biggest challenge you faced when creating your website?
Keeping all the content up to date and relevant. We make edits to the website daily and update all the listings and sales pages in real time. We also continuously update the neighborhood descriptions and testimonials because they are always changing.
How do you promote your website?
I really don’t promote it much other than mentioning it on all our marketing materials that we print out and in our email signatures. Our traffic is mainly driven by our SEO.