Young Ones to Watch: Chrissy Sullivan

From technology to opportunity, see what excites this up and comer about the future of real estate

Originally from Rockford, Illinois, and now living in Wicker Park, Chrissy Sullivan is passionate about helping people find their perfect home within the greater Chicago area as a residential consultant for Dream Town Realty. Prior to joining the Dream Town team, Sullivan worked as an insurance adjuster and has parlayed her natural “people person” skills to her career helping buyers and sellers complete transactions in Chicago and the nearby suburbs.

ESTATENVY caught up with the rising star in the real estate world – and wine lover – to find out more about her ascension within the Chicago real estate scene and what’s next in her career.

What drew you to real estate?

Initially, HGTV drew me into real estate. Each episode has a new challenge to solve, and that problem-solving aspect is not so different than what the day to day looks like as a realtor. I've quickly learned HGTV is not a great representation of the realities of the business as things generally do not get wrapped up in a neat bow in 22 minutes, but all the wonderful people, adventures and flexibility has kept me in the industry.

What changes in the industry currently excite you?

I am excited about the technology coming into real estate. Though some of it does jeopardize industry jobs, the savvy brokers will take advantage of the improvements which will only make us better resources for our clients.

How did you get to the place you are currently at in your career?

I've had a great support network around me, from my family and friends cheering me on to my company Dream Town who has lifted me up at every opportunity. My biggest supporter comes from my mentor and new teammate who is always willing to help. Without all of them, I don't know where I'd be right now.

What advice do you have for up-and-comers?

My advice for new brokers is to ask questions, put yourself out there, and talk to anyone and everyone. You never know what is going to be the trigger for your big break, so keep an open mind and stay positive. Use this time to prepare for your big moment because your knowledge, organization and planning is going to make all the difference when your business starts to grow.

What motivates you everyday?

Motivation is essential as a solo entrepreneur. Coaching from a life coach and real estate coach helped me figure out what my driving forces are in my personal and professional life. Staying organized and having a plan with a deadline are ways that keep me motivated to work harder and smarter, but everyone has their own way of working and motivating themselves.

How do you market yourself to stand out from the competition?

My company has an amazing brand and marketing team that already make us stand out in the Chicago area. I feel I reflect their message while keeping my personality front and center in everything I do. Being your most authentic self is the best marketing practice you can do to attract like-minded clients you'll enjoy working with.

Do you have any real estate role models?

While there are several famous realtors both nationally and locally that I admire, the people I most admire are my mentors and colleagues, especially those of whom started around the same time as I did just a couple years ago. It is inspiring to see the different paths each of us has taken to be a success in this industry.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself managing an ever-growing book of business here in Chicago, working among the top brokers in the city and keeping my focus on helping my clients with all of the real estate needs for life.