Celebrityenvy: Stephen King’s Bangor, Maine House

The horror author’s aesthetic tastes match his writing.

Horror author Stephen King maybe, probably, most definitely would not want to be considered a celebrity, but there’s no denying he’s got star power. Anything with his name on it, such as a blurb on a book that isn’t even his own, gets a credibility boost. Heck, he wrote a book about writing called “On Writing” and it was a bestseller. Consider it the Meghan Markle Effect, Stephen King-style.

King’s house, a Victorian structure located in Bangor, Maine, the author’s home state, looks exactly like what you would expect from a writer whose works have spawned millions of nightmares. Red with a cream trim and grey rooftops, the house is elegant enough to keep it from being ordinary-looking. There are turrets and beautifully elongated windows with cream trim. There’s a wide front porch, but hanging out there may not be the most desirable thing to do when everyone knows where you live.

The travel website Atlas Obscura showed a photo of the property covered in pristine white snow, and truth be told it makes the place look downright charming. It’s easy to see the appeal, and surely any aspiring writer would be thrilled to at least be near it and get a tad of inspiration.

“Of course we fell in love with the house we live in, and it has never disappointed us,” King stated in an essay he wrote for a 1983 fundraising event that was later published by the Bangor Daily News. “Have we disappointed it? Disappointment probably isn’t the right word. I think it disapproved of us at first.”

Judging from reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor, the house is easy to find and located on a scenic, tree-lined street with other nice-looking homes.

The real cream of the property, though, is the black wrought iron fence. It’s beautifully ornate, with bats and spiders integrated into it. It’s easy to imagine that every day is Halloween in the King home. And on that note, apparently, King avoids being at home during Halloween and likes to escape the cold weather by visiting one of his other homes, according to RoadsideAmerica.com.

In 2017, just a few days before the release of “It,” the film adaptation of the King novel of the same name, fans spotted a red balloon floating inside the house in front of one of the front windows, according to a report in the Bangor Daily News.

Oh, what we would give for a selfie in front of this famous house - right before we ran away very, very quickly!