CelebrityEnvy: Jennifer Aniston’s Los Angeles Home

Aniston purchased the home for $21 million, according to TMZ.

When it comes to celebrity real estate, not many can hold a candle to Jennifer Aniston. Aniston may be best known for playing Rachel Green on “Friends,” but fans know that this actress has some serious real estate game. One of her latest real estate ventures was the Bel-Air house she purchased in 2011 and shared and redecorated with her husband, Justin Theroux.

Architectural Digest photographed and profiled the home before Aniston and Theroux announced their plans to divorce in February 2018.

The house is 8,500 square feet with four bedrooms and six bathrooms, according to a TMZ report.

The home had just been renovated by architect Frederick Fisher when she purchased it, but Aniston wasn’t thrilled with the results and decided to change it up with the help of interior designer Stephen Shadley.

“Aesthetically, it was the furthest thing from what I wanted, but I immediately had the sense that it could work,” she told Architectural Digest. “It’s hard to describe, but I felt a connection.”

The result was a combination of both masculine and feminine touches that made the whole space look extremely inviting. And fluffy rugs and carpets. Lots of fluffy rugs and carpets. If guests immediately elected to remove their shoes upon entry, no one could really blame them. Going barefoot never looked so inviting.

It’s a gorgeous house with stunning aesthetics both inside and out, giving one the desire to hunker down and never leave. The panoramic views of Los Angeles alone would make anyone instantly want to sit down with a glass of wine and take it all in. The flat rooftops and large glass windows are retro and yet have a clean, modern look that won’t get old. The living room is spacious, with a gorgeous bar area, ideal for entertaining and having intimate parties.

They say the kitchen and bathrooms are what really sell a house, and indeed a buyer would make such a decision based on what Aniston helped create. There’s a powder room with gorgeous hand-painted wallpaper and beautiful lighting. The master bathroom features a rectangular marble tub with a floor-to-ceiling view of an outdoor garden on the property. Speaking of gardens, there’s also a lovely garden off of the master bedroom, complete with a stone pathway. The property also features a pool surrounded by lush vegetation, but not so lush that it obstructs views of the city.

Aniston clearly knew what she was doing when she decided to renovate and redecorate, so here’s hoping she makes a hefty profit if she ever decides to sell! And if she elects to stay right where she is, all the more power to her.

Photo courtesy of Architecture Digest.