Little Houses with Big Bang: The Nugget

From Modern Tiny Living, The Nugget maximizes its 102 square feet of space to its fullest potential.

This home takes the tiny home trend to the micro level! The Nugget is Modern Tiny Living’s first micro home and even though it only reaches 102 square feet and 4,500 pounds, it’s equipped with all the essentials needed to live.

This tiny house lifestyle sparked interest across the nation over the past few years, largely contributed to the HGTV Tiny House Hunters show, but according to The Tiny Life blog buying a tiny home goes way beyond being a part of a fad. The blog attributes the success of tiny homes due to the social movement of people wanting to downsize and reduce their carbon footprint. The tiny home lifestyle allows owners to embody a new sense of freedom to travel the world and reduce their material possessions.

The Nugget provides exactly that type of living. The home has a comfortable, built-in bedroom which doubles as a lounge area, a kitchen and a bathroom. The bedroom utilizes its space with wall-to-wall wooden shelves perfect for decor and storage and large windows to connect you to any beautiful location you decide to stop.

Small size does not compromise The Nugget’s comfort and appealing aesthetic. The modern but earthy design extends from the bedroom into the kitchen, with a copper sink faucet and matching copper cabinet handles and beautiful hickory butcher block countertops

While it seems impossible to fit an entire bathroom in the space, The Nugget uses a pocket door to save space as the entryway. The bathroom itself has the basic necessities inculding a Composting Toilet and a 30-by-30-inch shower. Matching the bedroom - there are also wood double-decker shelves for storage.

This home is the truly the perfect travel companion and ideal for anyone looking travel off the beaten path. The Nugget is fully-equipped with off-grid capabilities making it easy to get up and go. Included with the home is a 100-gallon freshwater tank with a 12-volt pump and roof attached solar panels with four solar batteries. There is also a propane heater and a tankless water heater for warm showers! Now that sounds pretty good to me.

Other than the appeal of living off the land and exploring the world, owning a tiny home can also be a smart real estate investment. This is especially true for first-time homeowners who may be struggling to finance and not looking to add on more loans to their large pile of student debt. Tiny homes are obviously cheaper to build and to live in and banks do not usually loan money for them, requiring the homeowner to pay outright, therefore, living debt free. The Nugget prices at just $39,900, which is little to nothing compared to most homes.

All things considered, making the choice to live in a tiny home is still a big one! Becoming a homeowner is an important decision and this is just one way to do it. To learn more about The Nugget and how to purchase visit