Little House Big Envy: A Studio Retreat in Chappaqua, New York

This structure was created by Workshop/APD.

Nestled deep in Westchester County above New York City’s Manhattan and the Bronx is the hamlet of Chappaqua. And within Chappaqua is this so-called Studio Retreat, a 300-square-foot structure that offers stunning views of the local flora and fauna and has ESTATENVY looking on with some serious, well, envy!

The house was built on a private property at the request of the owner, according to a report in The isolated structure was created by the New York-based architecture and design firm Workshop/APD and contains “simple geometric design combined with precise details to support its natural charm,” according to the company’s website.

Indeed, there is geometry throughout, from the shape of the structure itself to the way the windows are broken up.

Outside, a short set of stairs lead up to a polished wooden deck that can easily accommodate a couple of chairs. The flat surface on which the structure rests is surrounded by stones of various sizes, some of them natural, but also some of which appear to be just a tad landscaped - but not so much that they do not blend in with their surroundings.

The house contains clean lines throughout. The wood exterior consists of multi-colored lines, which helps the structure blend in seamlessly with the surrounding nature. Then there’s the glass. A large amount of glass, both on the entry door and the side of the house that’s mostly window, makes for a very modern-looking dwelling.

Like so many tiny houses, the high amount of windows keeps the space from feeling small and claustrophobic. The side of the house that offers the stunning view is a mix of glass and black beams that intersperse with each other, creating a clean look that’s also incredibly relaxing.

The interior features a main, long space with beautiful views of the outside. It should be noted that there isn’t much storage space. There is a wall with a few basic, open shelves, but that’s about it. Other than that, there is plenty of room for seating if someone ever needs to make a studio retreat getaway for more than one.

While this tiny house has a bathroom, it does not have cooking facilities, according the Small House Bliss report. This doesn’t seem as if it would pose too much of a problem, though. There’s enough space inside to get creative with food preparation, or perhaps just stick to cereal.

This tiny studio retreat dwelling may not have been intentionally designed for long stays, but here at ESTATENVY, we’d have no problem sticking around if given the chance!