Tiny Houses, Big Bang: A Tiny House That’s Much More Than a Home

A tiny home for a music lover.

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this tiny home is much more than a home. In total, this 620-square-foot L shaped tiny home also doubles as an amplifier. You read that right, this small house can also amplify any instrument. The instrument is able to be plugged into the trailer portion of the house and amplified through the front speakers.

The creative genius behind all of this, Asha Mevlana, decided she wanted to get in on the emerging trend and build a tiny house in Arkansas. Asha is a professional violinist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and combined her love for music with her creative side when building her tiny home. Her brother owns and operates an eco-friendly housing company, 3Volve, and aided Asha in the help of building her home.

The trailer portion of this tiny home can be detached and taken on the road. Whereas the rest of the house is specifically designed for concerts. The front deck was specifically placed there for concert purposes. She opted for a front porch instead of a backyard deck for more opportunity to host concerts in her front yard and for her surrounding neighbors. Installed in the front deck are marine (boat) speakers that won't be affected by the weather. The speakers have been hung inside the amp and project out onto the porch. The porch is enormous and the perfect size for concerts.

Inside the home offers a very spacious vibe, due to high ceilings and lots of windows. In true musical fashion, much of the furniture in this tiny home can be converted for musical use. For example, this coffee table can be converted into a video-editing desk with multiple built-in drawers.

The home is soundproof with recycled denim and the trailer serves many functions aside from being just an amplifier. There is also a guest room and a recording studio.

Asha was very adamant about creating this house with an energy efficiency in mind. This tiny house is LEED certified, meaning that it uses less water and energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The outer siding of the home is made with Abaco siding – a hardwood that doesn’t need to be treated and can withstand the weather. It requires very little upkeep and will remain looking well kept even through tough weather conditions. The large front deck offers composite decking material rather than wood. Composite decking resists against scratches, insects, moisture, mildew and more.