DIY Pinterest-Worthy Holiday Decorations

You can get your home in the holiday spirit without too much labor.

The holidays are ramping up, and there’s no better way to get in the spirit of things than decorating your home with some seasonal flair. Don’t feel as if you need to go the extravagant route - there are plenty of small decorative touches you can make that will elevate your home for the holidays.

Here are five different things you can do in order to keep your home festive and fun - and maybe even a tad unique!

Go au natural

Instead of store-bought, ready-made items, transform your space into a wonder of nature. Flowers. Poinsettia plants. Wreaths and garlands and everything pine. You can easily buy such items at your local grocery stores and plant stores.

Check out this blog post from Your Wild Home for some truly beautiful inspiration! You can also visit this House Beautiful post for ideas on which specific plants to acquire.

Stick with one specific theme

If you plan on getting a Christmas tree this year, there are several ways to keep your tree beautiful and interesting while also sticking to just one theme.

Check out these beautiful and classic ideas from the online magazine Pouted. Even if you’re not a Christmas tree person, this can still provide some house-wide decor and color scheme ideas!

Embrace the quirk

Who says holiday decor has to be formal and/or stuffy? Blogs such as Olive & Cocoa showcase many unconventional decorating and accent ideas, including macaron ornaments and metallic wreaths. You can also check out World Market’s Christmas Shop, which offers both modern and traditional decor and ornament options. And make sure to visit websites such as Off the Wagon for some truly laugh-out-loud ornaments.

Go for vibrant colors

You can certainly stay traditional in terms of color themes, but be open to different possibilities! World Market has plenty of colorful decorative items for this upcoming Thanksgiving - and for autumn in general.

HGTV also has ideas on outside-of-the-box color combinations for the upcoming holiday season.

Show off your fandom-ness

Whether it’s Harry Potter or Twilight or Superman or Wonder Woman or another popular franchise, decorate your tree or your home - or maybe just a section of your home - with the fandom themes of your choice.

For inspiration, check out this Buzzfeed post on a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree. Websites such as Etsy and Amazon sell hundreds of comic book-themed ornaments.

How do you plan to decorate your home this holiday season?

Photo courtesy of Olivia and Cocoa.