Four Easy DIY Projects to Add Character to Your Home

Jacqueline Cason of Flow Studio Art Center shares tips on how to add character to your home.

If you are looking to add character to your home, but do not want to spend a lot of money, there are easy ways to make your home look unique without breaking the bank. ESTATENVY met with Jacqueline Cason, an Artist at Flow Studio Art Center, to get tips on how to affordably add character to your home.

When Cason works with her clients, she likes to give them advice that she uses for her own projects.

“Whether you are using a particular ‘inspiration piece’ to revive a room or just rearranging your furniture, try to limit your options to only using what you already have on hand,” said Cason. “Frequently I find that I don't need to buy anything new. I study the elements that I have as I walk around the room and try to put them in a new light so to speak.”

Distress Your Furniture

Upcycle old furniture by repainting and distressing. Distress painting will give your furniture a vintage look. To do this you will need a wooden piece of furniture, paint and Vaseline. Take the wooden piece of furniture and coat the edges with Vaseline. Paint over the entire piece of furniture. Use any method of painting, like brush painting or spray paint. Once the paint is completely dry, use a wet washcloth to rub off the Vaseline. This will expose the original wood color around the edges to give the furniture a distressed look.

Add Charming Sliding Barn Doors

Adding sliding barn doors to your home is much simpler than you may think. Many large hardware stores sell door track systems. First, to install the doors, add a mounting board above the door frame. This will give you a place to place the track for the doors. Drill holes throughout the track so you can hang the track on the mounting board. Next, install the track onto the mounting board. Lastly, attach the rollers to the door and hang the door on the track.

Replace Dated Knobs and Handles

Hardware on doors and cabinets can be easily swapped out for vintage or modern items. Most houses come with generic door knobs and cabinet knobs. You can also repaint cabinets to give them new life, but replacing hardware is a quick and easy fix. For bohemian hardware, head to World Market for a variety of unique options. Hobby Lobby is one of the best places to go for inexpensive hardware.

Make a Window Seat from a Bookshelf

If you want a cozy place to read or watch TV, you can easily make a window seat from an old bookshelf. Turn the bookshelf sideways and get cloth bins to place in each of the slots. This will still give you ample amounts of storage along with a sitting area. You can also make a cushion to go on top of the book shelf. Lastly place decorative pillows on the sides of the bench to add comfort and character.