5 DIY Projects That Will Save You Space and Cash

Hint: You might already own the items you need to help you stay organized.

Getting your space organized doesn’t have to be an expensive process that involves multiple trips to a store that sells fancy organizational products. In fact, you might already possess the items you need in order to make your home more organized.

The first step in getting organized, in fact, is to simply take stock of what you own and decide what needs to be cleared out.

“If you don’t take that first step of analyzing what you have and purging, you’re just going to be buying bins or using stuff that you have just to pack things that aren’t really purposeful,” professional organizer Sarah Parisi of The Clutter Curator said.

Also, you can use your existing storage units to set limits on how much stuff you allow yourself to accumulate.

“Instead of just buying more containers or reusing a container, say ‘This is a threshold for magazines’ or ‘This is a threshold for toys,’ so once it’s filling up, that’s a sign to you that you need to let go of some things so that it doesn’t kind of just keep building on top of itself,” Parisi said.

Here are five DIY projects that can save you space and cash.

Pick up the needle

Small sewing projects are a great way to get your DIY juices flowing and make things that will help you stay organized. Crazy Little Projects has several suggestions for different sewing projects, including chapstick holders and iPad sleeves.

The website Polka Dot Chair has terrific suggestions on larger sewing projects as well, including cosmetic zip pouches.

And the blog Positively Splendid has additional useful suggestions, including a phone charging station and a portable first aid kit.

Repurpose phone boxes, glass jars and shoeboxes

Parisi noted that the boxes mobile phones come in are often sturdy and tend to be a clean color, such as black and white. They can be used for storing smaller items, as can nicer shoeboxes. Glass containers from sauces are also good storage candidates.

“If you’re someone that’s crafty you can put buttons or whatever small little things in that versus getting new containers,” Parisi said.

That said, try to keep a consistent color scheme going to avoid visual clutter, Parisi said.

“You want there to be some consistency so don’t just save every box or everything that’s pretty and in good condition,” she said, adding that “being selective and trying to make it consistent is important.”

Make your own hat rack

Hats and caps can be pesky little things that end up in random spots around the house. Keep them organized by creating a rack for them.

If you already possess some basic tools and materials, Family Handyman has a how-to guide on creating a coat and hat rack.

The blog A Pair & A Spare even has a suggestion on how to make a copper hanging hat rack.

Make a basket

If you do need more storage bins and want to create your own, you can try making your own basket.

The website Happiness is Homemade has a suggestion on making a no-sew rope basket. And if you want to brighten up an existing basket, the blog A Kailo Chic Life tells you how to do so using yarn.

Use old frames to create shelving and more

You can use old frames to create wall shelving. The website Shanty 2 Chic provides steps on how to transform old frames into shelving that would be especially good for people who already possess some of the basic tools.

Old frames can also be used to create a key holder, as home improvement guru Bob Vila suggests on his website.

An old frame can also be repurposed into a jewelry display unit. The blog Kevin & Amanda has ideas on creating a shabby chic earring display.

Bottom line: By clearing away clutter and taking stock of what you already own, you can find multiple ways to take what you already own and make it into something new and useful!