6 Tips for Upgrading Your Bachelor Pad

Take your bachelor pad to the next level with these expert tips for creating a sophisticated living space.

ESTATENVY connected with Nassim Lefebvre of Lefebvre Atelier, Anthony Michael of Anthony Michael Interior Design and Kate Marengo of Interior Chicago to learn what are the most essential elements needed to refresh a space.

Ensure Your Home Reflects Your Age

“Men sometimes don’t think to invest in style if the piece they’ve owned for years works for their space,” explained Marengo. “That tie-dye chair you’ve had since college isn’t doing you any favors, and you can also probably store those tapestries and plastic drawers. When in doubt, go simple. That can mean simple colors, lines and fabrics.”

Prioritize Key Elements

If you budget is more limited, Michael recommends focusing in on the envelope of each room: the walls, ceiling and floor. These elements frame and set the tone for all other decor and are key to creating a strong first impression.

Think Outside the Box

When decorating one’s living space, it can be exciting to integrate a bit of personality into the design. This can be done through furniture, color choices or more unique additions.

Lefebvre explained that these can include, “anything from a built-in wall aquarium to a see-through floor to ceiling wine cellar. [Or,] in a more rustic setting they could include floor pillows and instruments on display.”

Invest in a Focal Point

“A large couch, preferably leather, is great way to add a focal point in the room. The leather when worn over time can add a vintage feel,” suggested Marengo. As a couch is an essential feature for entertaining, this makes the investment even more worthwhile.

“If you have an old couch or chairs that just look old or don’t match the aesthetic of newer items, It can bring down the whole look of the room. As a bachelor, you are more likely to have more people in and out of these spaces, so choosing a sturdy fabric that is easy to clean is very important.”

Integrate Lighting

Lighting choices may not always be top-of-mind when selecting decor, but they are critical to establishing the tone and functionality of the room.

Michael explained that lighting, “can make an average room seem sophisticated and stylish just by the types of lighting and lamping. That way the home can have a more curated or evolved look.”

Inject Your Personality

At the end of the day, the space should be a reflection of the bachelor himself. Lefebvre recommends incorporating expressive wall art as a way to, “show further insight and depth into your personality.” Not only does this serve to personalize the space, but it also makes for a great conversation starter!

Michael echoed this sentiment, saying that “in a decidedly masculine home I like to have rich tones, color that is saturated, honest metals, edgy art, and just a few items that make you smile...in other words–do not take it to seriously!"