What Will $1 Million Get You in Seattle?

Just cut a few coffees out of your weekly budget.

Although Seattle isn’t considered as notoriously expensive as its fellow West Coast city Los Angeles, maybe it should be. According to Seattle Business Magazine, $1 million in St. Louis will get you a home three times as big as a $1 million home in Seattle.

Not particularly shocking, though. Seattle does rank as the 15th largest metropolitan city in the United States and has grown rapidly ever since Amazon, Google, Facebook and other insanely large tech companies brought their workforce to town. According to
The Seattle Times, within the past three years, Seattle went from 16 to 38 ZIP codes consisting of at least 10 percent million dollar homes. Today, Seattle is the 7th top city for most million-dollar ZIP codes.

Is it a coincidence that the two richest people on Earth live in Seattle? We think not.

Not that you have to be Bill Gates to live in Seattle. You can also find some really beautiful homes and apartments for $1 million or under.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest but looking for that 
cute southern charm, you can get a five-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home newly renovated home for $900,000—with enough natural light to brighten up even the rainiest of Washington days.

Maybe you aren’t quite ready for a home with a big backyard for your kids and dog to run around and play in. If you are looking for a sophisticated bachelor pad, a 
downtown condo might be more your scene. For $949,000, this modern loft goes the whole nine yards with all the building amenities and an unbelievable view of downtown Seattle from the rooftop patio.

It’s not crazy to want to spend less than a $1 million. This 
humble home is only $692,000. You’re not going to get anything huge here, but this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home has a gorgeous backyard, so what it lacks in size on the inside it makes up for in Fourth of July cookout potential.

One of the many great aspects of Washington is its close proximity to the water. But if you’re looking for a waterfront home, well, good luck. Those are the properties that may be geared toward Bill Gates. But look no further than 
Zillow.com to find the cutest dream beach house. For a steal of $846,000, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage is the best bang you’ll get for your buck if you’re looking to be on the water. Serious vacation vibes every day here.

If you’re looking for a mansion, hate to break it to you, but according to 
The Seattle Business Journal, the $2 million home is the new $1 million dollar home. But we did find this seven-bedroom, five-bathroom home for $1 million on the nose. Located in the Riverview neighborhood, this home has a separate basement entrance in case you want to make a little income by renting it out.

Overall, Seattle definitely isn’t cheap, and the typical asking price for a home goes up an 
average of $266 a day. So you better act fast, because by the time you’re done reading this, some of these homes will already be over that $1 million budget.