Low Cost Ways to Update Kitchens and Bathrooms After Buying an Older Home

From refinishing surfaces to simply changing the overall look of a room with a fresh coat of paint, making upgrades to an older home doesn’t have to break the bank.

Moving into a new home—even if it’s an older one that’s been around for a while—isn’t easy on your bank account. That’s why it’s no surprise that homeowners often look for ways to save when it comes to making upgrades.

Older homes typically require more TLC than most, especially in outdated kitchens and bathrooms. But the cost of a full renovation is staggering—according to HomeAdvisor, the average kitchen remodel costs $20,474 in 2016, while the average bathroom remodel comes in under the $10,000 mark.

In order to help home owners avoid those unnecessary costs, ESTATENVY has compiled five easy ways to save when updating kitchens and bathrooms after buying an older home.

Focus on Accents and Accessories

It’s the little things that often pull an entire room together. By hanging a trendy light fixture, placing unique furniture around your kitchen table or using a bold pattern on your shower curtain, the accents in your kitchen and bathroom have the opportunity to steal the spotlight and become main focal points. Adding modern appliances and accessories to older rooms creates the perfect contrast that then rids a home of its outdated look and feel.

Refinish Surfaces

Refinishing is a great way to make the old look new again when remodeling isn’t an option. Brands like Miracle Method, the nation’s largest kitchen and bathroom refinishing franchise, give customers the opportunity to bring their worn out, damaged or hard to clean countertops, vanities, tubs and tiles back to life in just a few days. And time isn’t the only thing Miracle Method saves—its services can cost up to 75 percent less than full replacements.

“Our refinishing process is a real money saving alternative. We can make surfaces look brand new without the extensive construction work that comes with traditional remodeling efforts. Plus, Miracle Method’s services can last over 15 years with proper care and maintenance,” said Erin Gilliam, director of marketing for Miracle Method. “Refinishing isn’t just good for current homeowners—it can also boost a property’s appeal and increase the value of a home when it’s eventually put back on the market.”

Get Creative with Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways homeowners can improve the overall look of an older room. Whether you paint your cabinets or walls, a new color has the power to liven and lighten up kitchens and bathrooms. Adding an accent wall that’s one to two shades darker than the rest of the room also creates a more modern and edgy environment.

Add Texture

Beyond color, texture is another simple way to add more dimension to older kitchens and bathrooms. Mixing and matching different materials instantly makes rooms more visually interesting, and creates a contrast that’s appealing for both homeowners and their guests.

Know When to DIY and When to Bring in the Experts

Buying new appliances, painting and mixing materials are easy things that all homeowners can do. But there are some kitchen and bathroom upgrades that are better left to the professionals, even if you have an eye for design and a strong DIY attitude. Refinishing surfaces, for example, requires the use of chemicals that should only be handled by someone with training who knows exactly what they’re doing.

“Miracle Method is the only brand out there with our specific bonding agent. That’s what makes us so unique,” said Denise Martin, one of Miracle Method’s franchisees. “We also go through training every year to make sure that we’re up to date on all the latest and greatest products. That ultimately helps us provide the best refinishing services for our customers who want to get today’s look on older surfaces that may have been around for years.”