How to Dress Up Your Home’s Exterior with Flowers

Bump up your curb appeal by following these simple best practices for incorporating florals into the exterior of your home.

It’s all about curb appeal, and dressing up the exterior of your home gives a great first impression. While new paint, bright lights and a paved driveway are key factors in curb appeal,flowers can also play a large part. To hear more about different ways to incorporate flowers into your home’s overall exterior appearance, ESTATENVY connected with Joanne Greene from Chicago’s On the Ledge Landscaping. By the way, it all comes down to the season.


Once the last frost has passed and things are looking brighter and warmer,it’s time to get planting. Spring is the best time to get things in the ground when the soil is no longer frozen and flowers have the best opportunity to grow. Which flowers? Greene recommends hyacinths, daffodils, or crocuses. These are bulb flowers that tend to grow best in the spring season.


As the weather heats up, different flowers are able to come into play. This is the time to bring in potted and bedding plants. In the summer, almost any flower will work.

“I would use these flowers for curb appeal at the entrance of the home,” said Greene. “Plant them in the ground lining the walkway into the home. Choose colors that you like and will want to look at all spring and summer, but make sure it also coincides with the ambiance of the home’s exterior.”

Greene suggests waxed begonias as walkway plants to really help accent the home’s exterior. She notes that curb appeal has proved to increase the value of the home by 10 percent, so flowers are highly encouraged as a way to dress up the outside of the home.


As the weather starts to cool down, the bedding plants in the front of the home should still be going strong. That’s the investment the homeowner makes when putting them in the ground in late spring to summer. In fact, they should last until the second frost. But homeowners can still change things up with their flowers for more of an autumn vibe.

“I normally change out planters or urns for coral bells, kale, pansies or mums,” said Greene. “These flowers will last through some of the colder weather, and will still compliment the bedding plants that were put in during the spring season. Make sure to fill your planters with colors that will accent your home’s exterior when you swap out the flowers.”


Winters are tough for maintaining exterior flowers, but not impossible. With the trees bare and grass losing its color, this a great time to dress up the home’s exterior with greenery.

“We suggest swapping out your flowers in November, and we use a lot of cut greens at this time of year,” said Greene. “The green shrub will last in the snow. As it gets closer to the holiday season, you can even add ornaments to decorate. Once the holiday is over, clip the ornaments out of the flowers, and the greenery should still last through the spring when you can repeat the cycle again.”