An Indoor Garden: Incorporating Pantone's Pepper Stem into Your Home

Bring the outdoors indoors with the freshness and vitality of an earthy green tone.

The 2019 Pantone NY Fashion Week palette celebrates unconventional color trends this season. An array of red tones and some vibrant selections certainly fulfill the bold category; Pepper Stem is not one of them. Yet, its lack of boldness does not negate its power stance as a traditional spring hue perfect for any interior design plan, fashion choice or landscape.

This muted and earthy green is perfect for inviting warmer weather back into your home. While it doesn’t pack a punch in making your living room stand out, it is a naturally cool, calm hue. Pepper Stem is the fresh, newly birthed garden growing in cracked clay pots on the patio or buried in a local community garden.

There is soothing vigor to this tone, a trait which resounds among its fellow 2019 Pantone selection siblings. Pantone Color Institute states: “Zesty yellow-green Pepper Stem encourages our desire for nature’s healthy bounty.” Such a holistic color deserves pairing with more standout natural companions such as yellows, purples and blues.

With its demure hue, Pepper Stem is capable of playing well in neutral settings. It is an exceptional highlight and lowlight when placed in a room of neutrals since it stands out but remains a subtle accent. For rooms that are more nature-based in their color schemes, a dull light green won’t be the bold, brash center of attention.

To play up its simplicity, accent with throw pillows and upholstery to provide the elegant, rich vibe your space needs. Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at The Behr Paint Company states, “Earthy, rich greens are absolutely on the rise in homes across the country.” No matter what changes occur in your household, green is a superb choice for any long-term paint commitment because it is universal and gender-neutral, Woelfel adds in conversation with Better Homes and Gardens. Whether washing an entire room in Pepper Stem or dabbling some throughout, it’s an enduring color, sure to add another layer of cozy to your home.

Similar to the soft, pliable role it plays at home, this urban-garden green is diverse in the fashion world. Mood Sewciety notes Pepper Stem’s earthy tone is ideal for fashion-forward spring ensembles and can participate in any outfit since it’s a demur, classy, rugged and accessible color for any and all outfits.

Pepper Stem can be found at any event, adding spring to every setting from ritzy to laid back. VeriVide Color Technology comments, “Pepper Stem screams nature and the environment, so what better use than for rugged outerwear for men and women.” Reminiscent of camping gear and the smell of pine cones, this vibrant yet seemingly dull green in fashion is not new. The Jack Guisso 2011 Spring Couture Collection celebrated formal evening wear with a Pepper Stem colored gown, adorned with gemstones and gold shimmer accents. Dating a little further back, Christian Dior’s Pre-Fall 2009 collection sported a stylish business dress, belted at the waist with a sheer, flowy top. In the photo shoot, the neutral creams, grays and blacks gave the green dress a delicate appearance.

Even if it doesn’t suit your wardrobe, light green will be bountiful in your garden. Instead of having an overall wash of one green hue across your landscape, a variety of tones will play up levels and dimension. Adding plants such as fresh vegetables and herbs, succulents and hostas will bring that fresh-from-the-market feel. Incredibly low maintenance, the abundance in simple-living plants falls in line with this year’s gardening trends that Country Living and the Wyevale Garden Centre released in March 2019.

Without a mixture of shades, your garden will be too monochromatic. To spruce up that greenery, add white or yellow daisies, orange marigolds, and other vibrant cool tones like purple petunias to create bright fullness amidst the green sea. Be sure to note when blooming seasons are, as too much freshness can fade all at once from weather changes or brown out without enough hydration. Adding brilliant colors with various blooming times helps maintain a fresh spring garden feel all throughout spring, summer and into fall.

With such sustained life both inside and outside your home and throughout your wardrobe, there’s something to be said for the vitality of green; Pepper Stem is sure to keep everything fresh. It will rejuvenate any room, garden or closet that is suffering from post-winter dullness. Although Pantone’s Pepper Stem isn’t striking by any means, its universality and timelessness is sure to breathe life into your home all year round.