Better Homes & Gardens: Weekend Home Decorating Projects

These simple DIY projects have the potential to change your home’s design in just one or two days.

Not every home decorating project needs to be left to the experts—there are a lot of simple DIY tips that make interior design both easy and fun. Better Homes & Gardens rounded up 28 of those home decorating projects that are easy to complete over the weekend.

Here are the top projects that stood out to us at ESTATENVY:

Paint Furniture

Adding a fresh coat of paint or even a new design to the furniture in your home is a simple and affordable way to spruce up your space on a budget. There’s no limit to what you can upgrade—from table tops to drawers, paint works on a wide variety of surfaces.

Create More Storage Space

You might be overlooking one of the best storage spaces in your home: under your bed. With the help of unused or spare drawers, any bed can be turned into an organizational tool.

Change Up Your Wall Art

It’s no secret that hanging artwork in your home is a way to add color and personality to your living space. But changing up the art you display by adding a gallery wall or one large painting to a room has the potential to not only change the focal point, but also liven up your home’s overall feel.

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