The Wall Street Journal: Luxury Homeowners Are Scaling Back on Extra Bedrooms

Spare bedrooms are being left out of home plans to make room for other amenities including home theaters, libraries and fitness centers.

Having numerous bedrooms has always been the mark of a luxury home. But now, there’s a new trend in the industry that’s focused on eliminating bedroom space.

Luxury home buyers are opting to exchange spare bedrooms for other amenities like theaters, libraries, and fitness and entertainment centers. The idea behind the trend is that unused bedrooms are wasted space, and that there are other options for homes that aren’t housing large families. According to an analysis of the 50-largest metro areas in 2016 by, luxury homes with more living space and fewer bedrooms have a higher price tag. However, they’re taking longer to sell. And the market for two or fewer bedrooms is still small—in 2016, 97 percent of all homes for sale asking for at least $1 million had four or more bedrooms, according to data from the National Association of Home Builders.

Javier Vivas, economic research manager for, told The Wall Street Journal, “There’s always going to be a narrower market for a home with fewer bedrooms. It’s what the homeowners do with that extra space that counts.”

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