How to Decorate Based On Your Enneagram Type

Attention Type Ones, Types Nines and every type in between! Here’s your go-to how-to when it comes to styling your home.

While there are truly no rules when it comes to decorating your home, there are hacks to make your place feel more suited to you. Based on your Enneagram Personality results, you can perhaps become a little inspired to redecorate your humble abode!

According to The Enneagram Institute, the goal of the Enneagram is to “help us see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge.” Along with a test that determines which of the nine Enneagram types you are, the institute offers workshops and courses that aim to grow your relationship with human nature overall.

Your Enneagram type influences not just your relationships with others, but also how you solve problems, handle your emotions and even how you choose to decorate your home! Whether you’re a Reformer, Loyalist or Individualist, we’ve got the styling tips that best fit your personality type.

Type 1 - The Reformer

Ones are known as perfectionists who strive to improve everything. They’re well-organized and orderly, which means these types of people live in a clean, put-together space! A simple color palette consisting of neutrals with a pop of color will make your space feel simple and modern. Cover your walls in a crisp white or soft grey paint and choose an accent color to incorporate into your throw pillows, flower arrangements and coffee table books.

According to Truity, many reformers “will opt for geometric shapes, angular lines and surfaces that are kept decluttered and clean.” You can incorporate geometric lines into a room by adding a fuzzy rug saturated with a triangular pattern or displaying picture frames on a side table.

Type 2 - The Helper

If you’re a Two, you’re most likely the one always volunteering to host the next family get-together or ladies night. Twos are the people-pleasing folks who just want to create a cozy and inviting environment for others to enjoy.

Infusing your space with warm-toned colors such as mango or burnt orange can give it a more homey feeling. A vintage wooden coffee table is the perfect choice to display appetizers when expecting company.

Because Twos are known to be sentimental, you can dress up empty counters or tablespaces with photos showing off your family and friends for your guests to “ooh” and “ahh” over! The Enneagram Institute says that Twos “are most interested in what they feel to be the ‘really, really good’ things in life—love, closeness, sharing, family and friendship.”

Type 3 - The Achiever

Threes, or "the charmers" if you will, love to stand out from others and keep a clean image. They’re the role models of the group and want to inspire others with their energetic aura.

You might find a Three lounging in a space taken straight out of an IKEA showroom, flipping through an ‘Architectural Digest’ to learn the latest interior design trends. Their basic desire for worth and value can be shown through more “boujee” items such as a pleated leather sectional couch.

A full-body glass mirror with a metallic frame can instantly open a room and add a fancier vibe to the Three’s living room or bedroom—or hang a large black and white print to enhance a blank wall!

Type 4 - The Individualist

Dear Fours, let your inner artist shine through when redecorating your home! Bring those bohemian prints and fun textures to your space with all your decor pieces.

Fours are unique and love to add their creative touch to anything and everything. To find one-of-a-kind table trinkets, special storage spaces or a rare painting, stop by your local antique store to find some gems. Remember, one man’s trash is another Four’s treasure!

A quick tip for transforming a current piece within your place: Take a vintage dresser and replace the knobs with vintage crystals or metal hardware!

Type 5 - The Investigator

Fives are curious, insightful and enjoy developing complex ideas. Their innovative solutions come in handy when finding a use for a certain space or furniture piece!

Less is more and convenience is key for Fives. Period. Make the most of your space by including only what you need.

Give your out-of-fashion furniture a new meaning in your home by restaining a wooden table or upgrading a lampshade. Who says redecorating needs to be expensive?

Type 6 - The Loyalist

Sixes are loyal, hard-working and known as “troubleshooters.” They walk to the beat of their own drum and don’t “go along with the status quo,” according to The Enneagram Institute.

A coffee bar cart to your kitchen is the perfect addition, as Sixes are typically stressed and will be drinking loads of coffee to keep them on their toes! You can never go wrong with putting some darling mugs on display to accessorize your cart.

When shopping for your next art or furniture piece, try stepping out of your comfort zone and decorating with something you typically wouldn’t. Afterall, who are you to follow society’s norms?

Type 7 - The Enthusiast

These extroverts are scatter-brained, optimistic and desire exciting experiences.

The Enneagram Institute also callstype Sevens “the entertainers.” These skills can come in handy when prepping your space for company. Host your next “friend’s night in” in your DIY basement movie theatre! Surround your recliner chairs and sofa with baskets of blankets and vintage movie posters. Big bulbs and bowls of popcorn will also be the cherry on top to your DIY theatre!

Instead of throwing your DVDs into an unorganized box, opt for a vintage bookshelf to display them proudly. This way, your guests can pick out their favorite flick without the hassle!

Type 8 - The Challenger

These powerful beings aren’t afraid of extravagance! Eights know what they want, and they go after it.

If you’re an Eight and want to show your strength and assertiveness to others through your home, place that plasma screen on the wall and decorate your suede couch with the plushest of pillows! Looking for a fancy lighting fixture? Go for the biggest crystal chandelier; you know you want to.

If you’re not a big fan of wall art, hanging up silk curtains will instantly bring a sense of elegance and style to the space of an Eight.

Type 9 - The Peacemaker

Nines are known as the type to go with the flow. Their optimistic attitude tends to keep others at peace. In other words, they’re the total opposite of drama queens!

If you align with “The Peacemaker,” add some zen into your home by accessorizing tabletops and counter spaces with succulents, candles or a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Adding life to a room can reduce anxiety and increase happiness, according to Best Life.

For the Nine’s color palette, stick to earth tones! Whether it’s blue, green, brown, grey or a muted pastel, any guest entering your home will instantly feel at ease.

By using these handy dandy styling tips, you’ll soon be one with your home! And there’s no better feeling than creating a home that feels like a home, right?