The Best City for Nightlife: Las Vegas, Nevada

You know what they say—What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Whether it’s celebrating a 21st birthday or bachelorette party, did you even do it right if you didn’t party hard in Las Vegas? Loyal Vegas residents might argue so.

Nevada may be filled with deserts, but it’s also packed with the coolest clubs, trendiest bars and most captivating shows. Vegas lifestyle blogger Sivan Gavish can assure you that there will never be a dull moment when you’re in town.
“It thrills me when I see tourists and people who don’t visit Vegas often so excited about the city,” said Gavish. “If you want to get drunk, the bartenders will give you drinks. If you want to lose your money, then the casino dealers will make sure you do. If you want to leave a restaurant with a belly full of the best food, the chefs won’t disappoint.”
One of the most visited cities in the U.S., Vegas, attracted 42.12 million visitors in 2018. The most popular attraction that the town offers is—the one and only—Las Vegas Strip.
“The Las Vegas Strip is one of the most famous streets in the world,” said Gavish. “Vegas really depends on tourism to drive the economy, so the Strip does a fabulous job of enticing visitors to check it out.”
If you’re looking to move to Sin City, the current median home price is $274,300, which is below the national median home price––$315,000. The time to move to Las Vegas has never looked hotter for those seeking to move to the party town of Nevada. According to Costello Management, “Southwest Las Vegas happens to be one of the more residential neighborhoods of Las Vegas,” and it’s only 15 minutes from the strip––you can’t get any better than that!
You’ll never have to worry about going out on a weekday and searching high and low for an open bar. Compared to other cities, Las Vegas is alive and living it up 24/7––which means you’ll fit right in with the rest of the crowd drinking on a Tuesday night. To answer your question, no––turning up on weekdays is not illegal.
Gavish knows a thing or two about the go-to spots in Vegas and loves to inform her readers on where to catch some tasty drinks and good vibes.
Ghost Donkey
If you want to go to a fiesta, search no further than Ghost Donkey. This tequila bar invites you to try their extensive selection of mezcal. According to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, “one of the highlights on the menu are Truffle Nachos.” Is your mouth watering yet?
What makes this tucked-away tavern so unique to Gavish is how “you have to search for it because it’s this lowkey speakeasy that pops out of nowhere.” Who doesn’t love a little added mystery with their margarita?
Born and Raised
This sports bar is like no other. According to Gavish, Born and Raised is “the best place to grab food and cocktails during hockey season.” Vegas isn’t particularly known for its sports scene, but this bar brings together all types of sports lovers, especially those who adore hockey.
“This place does a terrific job at making you feel like you’re right at the hockey game,” said Gavish. “You feel like a community when you’re all rooting for your team and bonding over food and drinks.”

Marquee Nightclub

Get ready for your daily dose of cardio if you end your evening at this club—because you’ll be dancing the night away! Las Vegas is filled with club promoters whose mutual goal is to get you to the hottest clubs––such as Marquee––and give you the best experience.
“The city drips with promoters, so you won’t have any trouble getting into any clubs,” said Gavish. “We welcome anyone––young, old and everyone in between.”
Why wait around to be invited to a party when you can go to the party capital of the world?
Viva Las Vegas!