Emergency Restoration Company DRYUNOW Rises Above the Competition Thanks to Stellar—and Speedy—Customer Service

One phone call to DRYUNOW will take care of everything.

Anyone who has ever experienced structural damage due to disasters such as flooding, storms, fire or smoke knows the monumental effort that goes into the restoration process. That’s why emergency restoration company DRYUNOW works hard to provide restorative services at a competitive speed and with great sensitivity to its customers. As a one-stop-shop for restoration services, the brand sets itself apart from the competition and ensures customers will deal with as little stress as possible during a difficult time.

DRYUNOW got its start 15 years ago as a remodeling company and switched gears in 2014 to focus solely on restoration work. Today, the company’s target referrers include property managers, plumbers and fire departments, with insurance agents, home inspectors and firefighters being among the brand’s biggest sources of business.
Brand executive Brian Masters, who oversees DRYUNOW’s business development, spoke to the brand’s robust referral process and the positive buzz it has generated in the industry.
“There are agents who call us two to three times a month, which can total 20 to 30 times a year,” Masters said. “They get the word out about our company and that recurring service model benefits our business.”
DRYUNOW offers a variety of services to its customers. Its 24-hour disaster services include water damage mitigation, tree removal, storm damage repair, fire restoration and catastrophe response. DRYUNOW also offers complete reconstruction services for both residential and commercial properties.
“We take it to the next level; we don’t just offer drying,” Masters said. “ When someone is referred to us, we take care of everything with one phone call, saving our customers from having to reach out to multiple contractors. This is a big selling point in the industry. Typically, our customers request our full services as soon as we start the emergency service. They are very impressed from the onset.”
The brand’s roots as a remodeling company have played a huge factor in DRYUNOW’s evolution and how itconducts business.
“We get it right and it shows in our finished work,” Masters said. “As of July 1st, we surpassed the total projects and revenue that we completed for all of 2018. We’ve experienced consistent, exponential growth, and 2019 has been a banner year.”
DRYUNOW’s Partner and Mitigation Supervisor, Matt Bush, lauded the brand’s ability to not only act fast on behalf of a customer but to also act professionally and respectfully.
“We care about our customer’s situation,” Bush said. “We hire the industry’s best crew members and we train and compensate them at the highest level. Additionally, we provide fantastic communication and service.”
Indeed, DRYUNOW invests a lot of time and resources into training and development so that its team can deliver excellent customer service.
“When our technicians are in our customers’ homes working, they can trust that they have the right certifications,” Bush said. “They’re doing things according to proper standards and they are doing it all efficiently. Our employees are friendly and have been thoroughly vetted complete with a background check. We make sure we’re hiring only expert people who understand the emotions that go into emergency response services and really support that end user.”
Investing in the brand’s employees has certainly paid off and contributed to DRYUNOW’s strong referral network.
“The feedback we’ve received from referrals is that our crews are fantastic people and that we provide excellent customer service,” Masters said.
Such stellar attention to customers extends to everyone in the household being serviced, including pets and children.
“Not only are our customers getting people who are careful and caring in your home, but they are also mindful around children and pets and your valuable items,” Masters said. “Everything has an extra ounce of care.”