How to Prepare Ahead of Time for Peak Home Selling Season

With home selling season right around the corner, now is the best time for homeowners to get their houses ready for showings.

It’s no secret that winter isn’t exactly peak home buying season. But just because the market is quiet right now doesn’t mean that homeowners shouldn’t be thinking about selling in the spring.

While spring is the most popular time to buy a new home, February and March are the best months for homeowners to get their places in top selling shape. From getting rid of unwanted clutter to adding a fresh coat of paint or new furniture to a room, homeowners that prepare their homes for the market ahead of time will have a leg up on other sellers in the spring.

Lisa Cahill, co-owner of Evolve Real Estate in St. Petersburg, Florida, told, “You want your home to be ready to list at the start of the spring home-buying season. If you hold off on getting the process started, you may not be ready to put your home on the market until the late side.”

Now is also the best time for homeowners to research realtors in their area. The realtor you list your home with has the ability to make or break a sale, which is why it’s critical to make sure that you’re listing your home with the right person for both you and your property.

“You want a local expert. Someone who knows the area and knows how to price your home,” said Cahill. “Just because someone does a lot of business in your neighborhood doesn’t mean they’re necessarily good at selling homes quickly.”

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